Preschool "WeeBreakers"

Our “WeeBreakers” breakdance classes are designed to help preschoolers become familiar with dancing! We teach our WeeBreakers simple movements that are age appropriate, so they can start expressing themselves through breakdancing. In our curriculum, we go through three parts of breaking:

  1. Top Rocking = dancing standing up
  2. Footwork = dancing on the ground
  3. Freezing = poses done at the end of a breakdance set, done on the ground or standing

Breakdancing is a great way for your child to express creativity, through both their movements and what they wear! In addition to the early movements, we also teach the kids to encourage one another, follow directions, left foot, right foot, listening skills, balance, coordination, rhythm, timing, and teamwork! Our WeeBreakers class is designed to help little ones develop good movement techniques.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please note our age recommendation for this class is 3-5 years old. If your child is younger then this recommendation, please contact us before registering to verify if this class will be a good fit for your child.

Class Details