Conditioning, Drills & Cyphering (3 Weeks)

The first 3 weeks will be spent on reviewing moves the student already knows and perfecting and cleaning up what needs to be worked on. We will focus on the importance of stretching, strength training and being disciplined in your bboy/bgirl training.

6-step, 3-step, Zulu Spin, Baby Freeze, Top Rocks, FreezesDrills


Advanced Footwork (4 Weeks)

The next 3 weeks the student will focus on learning new footwork patterns to incorporate into their freestyle. The moves they will be learning are as follows

7-Step, Switch Foot, Coffee Grinder, Power Up, Backrocks, Handstand Freeze Transitions


Power moves (4 Weeks)

These 4 weeks we will be focusing on learning and mastering the backspin, swipe and windmill!


Advanced Routines (4 Weeks)

We will use these four weeks to prepare our routine for the recital. Students will be given a more intermediate routine to memorize and perform for all their parents, family and friends!


Saturday/Tuesday – Intermediate Class