Beginning Breakdance Class


Week 1

TopRock: basic top rock, back step

Footwork: zero position, hooks, butt spins, scissor kick

Freeze: R-Freeze, Knee Freeze, Rock Steady Freeze, Bboy Freeze, Ninja Freeze, Figure 4 Freeze,  Scissor freeze


  • 2 Rules of class
  • Being prepared as a bboy/bgirl
  • Attitude
  • 3 parts of breaking
  • 4 parts of cyphering

Week 2

TopRock: indian step, latin rock

Footwork: spin down, 4 point turn


  • Importance of practicing
  • Clapping on beat
  • 8 count

Week 3

TopRock: kick ball change

Footwork: 6-step


  • Strength training for bboys/bgirls
  • Use of space

Week 4

Footwork: Zulu Spin

Freeze: Bridge freeze

Concepts: Connecting w/the music
Week 5

TopRock: Uprocking

Footwork:  3-step, 3 point step down

Concepts: Battles
Week 6

Footwork: Cece Step

Freeze: Baby freeze
Week 7

Footwork: Backspin

Concepts: Introduction to power moves
Week 8

Footwork: Introduction to windmills

Concepts: Patterns & Variations
Week 9

Footwork: Introduction to windmills

Concepts: Combinations
Week 10

Footwork: Coffee Grinder

Freeze: Chair Freeze
Week 11


Concepts: Introduction to routines
Week 12 – 15

[we will be exclusively practicing for the recital]

Other Moves

  • Headstand freeze
  • Handstand freeze
  • Kick outs
  • 12-Step
  • 2-step
  • Switchfoot
  • Swipes