Webreak Fall 2017 Weekly Update – Week 6

Our  WeBreak team showing their moves and having a little glow in the dark fun at Patrick Henry!
General Announcements
  1. Pushups
    I found a really cool regiment for working up to 100 pushups. I think this will be really good for our older students to pursue, and even for some of our younger students to at least start to do push-ups.

  2. New Music On Our App!
    We have a list of our music on now available on our app! When you open the app, click the “Music” button on the homescreen!
  3. Studio Etiquette
    There has been some vandalism on the walls of our Lakewood studio. It is imperative that we treat each studio we meet at with the utmost respect! If your son/daughter has been at the Lakewood studio in the past week, please speak with them about respecting the studio. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter!
  4. New music button!
    We have a list of our music on now available on our app!
  5. Vincanity Workshop
    One of the most popular bboys on Youtube, Vincanity, will be conducting a workshop for our entire company on Thursday, October 26th! Vincanity has over 25 million views on Youtube has traveled the world teaching breaking! Join us for an amazing workshop! Check out his Youtube page VincaniTV!
    Workshop Registration
  6. Webreak Winter Recital Registration Open!
    Registration for our Winter Recital is now OPEN! Please be sure to pencil in Sunday, December 10th from 3pm – 8pm! All of our classes will be coming together to show off their skills. Please be sure to register no later than November 5th!
    Webreak Recital Registration
  7. Tutorials are now available through the Teamapp!
    You can link directly to our Dance Tutorials by click the ‘Tutorials’ tab located in the Teamapp, enjoy!
  8. Webreak Fieldtrip Update
  9. We will be going to Freestyle Sessions, one of the BIGGEST breakdance competitions in the world on Saturday, November 11th from 1pm – 5pm! Cost is $35 per adult and kids get in free. Please RSVP through our Teamapp letting us know if you will be attending! This will be a great way to further educate out students on breakdancing, it’s cultural, it’s history and some of the biggest names in the scene!
    RSVP Via Teamapp
    *purchase tickets via teamapp
  10. Thursday Night Open Session!
    Please join us every Thursday night from 7:30pm – 9pm for our free open practice! Every skill level and age group welcome!
  11. Practice! Practice! Practice!
    Students! Please be sure you are practicing your moves daily! Refer to our website for material that we have went over!
  12. Preschool Class Registration
    Our second session of our preschool class is now open! It will be a 6 week class starting November 4th! Register now to confirm your spot!
    Preschool Class Registration
  13. Webreak Shirts
    We still have Webreak shirts for sale! If you would like to purchase one please ask your instructor at your next class!
  14. Follow Webreak! #WEBREAK #WEBREAKERS
    Follow us on social media and don’t forget to #webreak for all photos and videos you post!
    #weebreaks for our preschool breakers!
Class Reviews
Intermediate Class Review
  1. Week 1 – Drills/Review
    We are focusing on doing sets of 10 for each of the following moves. If you don’t have a particular move down practice it and make sure you get it down!
    (6-step3-stepCC-StepBackspinsZulu SpinBaby Freeze)
    Be able to do Kick-Ball-Change on beat!
  2. Week 2 – Drills/Switch Foot
  3. Week 3 – Power Up
* This is an experimental follow along video we did for our preschoolers going over the moves from their class! It would be best to play this on your TV in the living room where they are able to dance along. Feel free to loop it over and over and let me know how it goes!?
Performance Crew
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