Cub Scout Leader
Great experience! I recently scheduled a breaking workshop for our Cub Scout meeting. Brian was easy to work with, professional, friendly, and responsive to e-mails and phone calls in order to arrange our workshop. At our meeting, the instructor–Frankie–was terrific! He worked exceptionally well with a large group (about 35 boys) of kids aged 6 to 11. Frankie was enthusiastic and energetic and had all the kids excited and involved in a matter of minutes. Many of the parents at our meeting told me they were particularly impressed with Frankie’s positive attitude and how he encouraged all the kids to participate. Highly recommended.

Student/Manager Virtuosos Russian Music Academy
If you are trying to decide which dance school is the best for you or your child then, look no further. At Brian’s dance studio I was able to revitalize my spirit n my body in a positive environment every week. Brian brings with him this good energy that you will hardly ever find. So, if u want to dance better and look better then come down to Long Beach and see for your self. Ohh yeah affordable prices too. I am a student lol I know haha so come n check out the place.

Brian really has a gift in dancing and with kids. My son is always excited to go to his dance lessons! He really challenges the kids and he knows his stuff!

High School Events Coordinator
Our school had to put on a huge fundraising event and so we had them perform at our school and we definitely got more than we bargained for. Not only were they great to work and reliable, they were definitely one of the best performances their according to the crowd and that’s saying something when a 2/3 of the crowd are breakers themselves or are only there to see their children perform. I can’t wait to see them again, a group like this only gets better!

Don’t miss out on taking a break dance class from Brian! Tonight was my first experience and I had a blast!!! I will be back weekly for more. If you can’t commit to once or twice a week, Brian offers single classes for $15. I highly recommend taking Brian’s class. His personality sets a great tone and his dance moves impress. I would have been satisfied watching Brian dance all night. To top his dancing skills, he teaches with ease and helps each student learn at an individual capacity. He encourages, challenges, and you will leave feeling like you have learned so much. Thank you Brian! I will be back next week for more rocking, stepping and breaking to the beat.

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