Terms Of Service

Terms & Conditions

WeBreak Terms Of Service & Conditions


  • Full refunds are not given after the first class.
  • Up to 50% of the total charge is refunded after the first day of class.
  • Session fees are not prorated due to late registration, vacation days, or any other missed classes by client.


  • Pictures or video may be taken of yourself or your child for promotional purposes. If you would not like your picture to be taken please advise the instructor before the beginning of class.
  • Any pictures or video taken by WeBreak during the class is property of WeBreak Hip-Hop Dance Company and may be used for promotional and other marketing uses.

Make Up Classes

  • WeBreak follows a specific program for our classes, there are no makeup classes. Exception: a missed class at fault of WeBreak, such as an absent instructor. WeBreak’s sessions run for 14 weeks (two 7 week sessions for preschool “WeeBreaker” classes). Our sessions are designed to give our students the necessary breakdance skills and techniques to achieve their goals. We understand life events happen; our program is designed to were a student can miss a couple of classes and will not fall behind. If you are concerned about cost per class, our program is designed so you are not specifically paying for one class, but for the entire program, session, and its benefits. Please understand our aspiration is for your child and our students to learn how to break at their best level, so that is what our programs are designed to accomplish!


  • Kids will sit in “timeout” if their behavior is disruptive to class. If they sit it timeout twice then they must sit out and observe the rest of the class and their parent will be notified.
  • By participating in WeBreak’s program you and/or your child are committing yourself to acting in a respectful manner towards the instructor and other students at all times. Failure to adhere by the code of conduct could cause for your removal from the class.

Private Lessons

  • Private lessons cancelled within 24 hours of the start time will count as 1 used private lesson.
  • There are no refunds given for private lessons.
  • Private lessons expire 3 months after purchase.

WeBreak Behavior Policy

  • Every student at WeBreak is required to behave in such a way that is respectable to each other and to our staff. If a child is found to have behavior that is violent towards another child or a staff member, or they consistently display behavior that is disruptive to the class, they will be given a warning and if behavior persist then they will be asked to leave the program.