Week 1 Update

Various Webreak Classes Start Week 1!
Great first week everyone! Please be sure to read through the entire message and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! Thank you all so much! We are looking forward to more great weeks with everyone!
General Announcements
  1. All Review Tutorials Online!
    We have put all of the videos week by week tutorials online for this session! Please refer to the links below!

  2. Communication
    Please be sure to download our Teamapp to be kept updated on everything Webreak!
  3. Free Open Session!
    Please join us every Thursday night from 7:30pm – 9pm for our free open practice! Every skill level and age group welcome!
  4. Practice! Practice! Practice!
    Students! Please be sure you are practicing your moves daily! Refer to our website for material that we have went over!
  5. Webreak Winter Recital
    Please be sure to pencil in your schedule Sunday,December 10th from 3pm – 8pm as we will be having our Winter Recital! All of our classes will be coming together to perform a routine for their friends and family! The recital will be held again at Marshall Middle School in Long Beach! Check out our entire 2016 Winter Recital online!
  6. Preschool Class Registration
    Our second session of our preschool class is now open! It will be a 6 week class starting November 4th! Register now to confirm your spot!
    Preschool Class Registration

  7. Webreak Shirts
    We still have Webreak shirts for sale! If you would like to purchase one please ask your instructor at your next class!
  8. Field Trip
    We will be releasing information about our winter field trip in the coming weeks! Sign up for our app to be kept updated!
  9. Follow Webreak! #WEBREAK #WEBREAKERS
    Follow us on social media and don’t forget to #webreak for all photos and videos you post!
    #weebreaks for our preschool breakers!
Class Reviews
Intermediate Class Review
  1. Week 1 – Drills/Review
    We are focusing on doing sets of 10 for each of the following moves. If you don’t have a particular move down practice it and make sure you get it down!
    (6-step3-stepCC-StepBackspinsZulu SpinBaby Freeze)
    Be able to do Kick-Ball-Change on beat!
* This is an experimental follow along video we did for our preschoolers going over the moves from their class! It would be best to play this on your TV in the living room where they are able to dance along. Feel free to loop it over and over and let me know how it goes!?
Performance Crew
You will be receiving a separate teamapp notification with a class review…

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