Who We Are
WeBreak Hip-Hop Dance Company is mobile hip-hop dance company that teaches breakdance classes all over the Los Angeles and Orange County areas! We pride ourselves on offering high quality breakdance classes for students of all shapes, sizes and colors! We are committed to leveraging the art form of breakdancing by teaching it’s techniques, principles and values to our students. We recognize these values and have created programs for all ages that fosters and promotes proper breakdancing techniques, self confidence, discipline, self-expression, health & fitness and teamwork.

Job Description / Responsibilities
Our administrative manager is responsible for helping our company run smoothly using a variety of web based technologies and applications. The Administration Manager is responsible for answering calls, communicating with customers via phone, text and email and answering their questions, scheduling our instructors for lessons, making preliminary sales calls, sending invoices, creating email marketing campaigns, invoicing clients, managing our social media platforms, coordinating and communicating with our many clients, attending meetings, creating and managing various online forms and much more!

Job Skills
The admin manager needs to be comfortable wearing multiple hats and should be very familiar with using web applications and be a fast leaner. They should have great customer service skills and interpersonal communication skills as our environment is very fast paced! The potential administration manager should have their own reliable laptop and have the ability to work from home as well as remotely from a variety of locations if need be. The administration manager should have excellent time management skills and organizational skills and be very trustworthy as they will be handling sensitive information.


  1. Excellent software technology and typing skills
  2. Experience using Google Docs/Drive and other web based technologies
  3. Great multi-tasking skills
  4. Proven experience as an administrative manager or similar
  5. In-depth understanding of office management procedures and departmental and legal policies
  6. An analytical mind with problem-solving skills
  7. Excellent organizational and multitasking abilities
  8. A team player with leadership skills
  9. Should have good backend and front end business skills
  10. An intermediate understanding of business concepts
  11. BS/BA in business administration or relative field (preferred)

M-F: Flex
30+ hour per week
*We are looking for someone that can work at least 30 hours/week Monday – Friday. Times of work are flexible.

$13 – $15 per hour
*This is a contract position! Taxes will not be taken out and you will be responsible for keeping track of your expenses for when you file your taxes!


  1. Work for an growing and unique company
  2. Flexible hours
  3. Work from home
  4. Paid company lunches and outings


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